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Ideal candidates are usually senior business people with considerable business experience and governance skills, who have a desire to enhance their personal development. The individuals have recognised that they can utilise the business skills they have developed over a number of years to help Public Sector organisations. The successful candidates normally combine their existing employment with a Non-Executive role or are recently retired looking to start a Non-Executive portfolio career.

These are usually all paid appointments and the remuneration varies between £7k and £27k dependent on the board involved. There is a small fee for this service of £1400 plus VAT. This will only be payable after you have registered and we have fully discussed with you the commitment involved and you are satisfied this is an opportunity you wish to pursue.

The service will focus on preparing your CV and providing detailed coaching which covers application completion to frequently asked questions and interview practice. If this exciting opportunity feels right for you and you have the necessary qualifications for the role, all you need to do is make contact now to secure this highly rewarding position. Help is only an e mail or a phone call away.

Initial registration involves completion of a simple form gathering information on the key skills and experience and geographical location by home address of the nominated candidates. In addition, an updated CV is all that is required to enrol for the scheme. At this stage we will personally provide feedback for all candidates who have registered.

Around three hundred appointments are expected during the next year. As opportunities arise a match of the postcode and key skills and experience of the candidates is carried out to align with the particular vacancy. Contact is then made with the candidate and the Chair of the organisation to facilitate a meeting or a discussion between them. This is an essential part of the process and greatly increases the candidates chances of being short listed.

A detailed specification of the vacancy and the necessary application forms are provided to the candidate before they approach the Chair to give them the preparation material needed. Assistance on how to complete the forms is also available at this stage.

If the candidate is successfully shortlisted for interview assistance will be provided on the structure and content of the interview.

On appointment as a Non-Executive Director the candidate is introduced and networked to all the existing Non-Executive directors who have been appointed through this programme. This creates a major networking opportunity and support mechanism for the appointee.

An excellent service. The support was second to none and I was delighted to be appointed on my first application.
Jenny Hawksworth, Non-Executive Director Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
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